The Buzz 04.26.15

Too bad the media doesn’t vet Hillary like sportswriters vet NFL draft prospects.

Hillary, jump out before the fire gets too hot.

Wow! N.C. has its own Sarah Palin!

If the GOP believes in small government, what are they doing in a physician’s examining room?

A completed outerbelt will give us more choices on where to sit in traffic.

If that Petraeus affair were a movie, I’d give it four stars.

Looking like there will be coal in Duke’s stocking until Christmas 2050.

Thanks to Duke’s lake level management, I was able to catch some nice fish in the azaleas around my house.

No billboards in Hawaii and Vermont, and they do just fine.

Let’s disguise billboards as trees. They’d be as inconspicuous as that cell tower off I-485.

Bus ticket for Bob, and he can take the billboards with him.

Since we stole Texas from Mexico can’t we give it back?

Seen how skinny Obama is? Michelle must be making him eat those school lunches!