The Buzz 04.29.15

Volcano in Chile, earthquake in Nepal, self-implosion in Baltimore.

Nothing says “racial reconciliation” like mindless looting and rioting.

Imagine if Kinston’s top chem, math or bio students were recruited so aggressively.

Nothing says “fiscally responsible” like spending $1M for something you can get for free.

Why not just paste a few thousand dollar bills on the walls?

What Joker would have batarangs in his carry-on?

Hillary: “I did not have financial relations with that foundation!”

Is Hillary’s Teflon coating wearing off?

Krugman proves (again) that if you torture numbers long enough they’ll confess to anything.

Princess Schaffer, you may now go back to your Ivory Tower.

Seems the checkered flag will never wave at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

My HVAC is totally confused.