The Buzz

Duke Energy gets forty years on the Catawba River, but Cintra gets fifty years on I-77.

The House GOP investigation ruled there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and also found that Dewey did defeat Truman.

The Justice Department needs to stop wasting money on the Russia investigation and concentrate on real crime.

Forget gun laws. No society can create enough laws to stop evil.

How about a pro-choice rally, with megaphones, outside a pro-life church on Sunday morning?

Trump told Rex not to waste time on North Korea. Then Trump fired Rex to claim any credit if there is improvement in North Korea relations.

Most mass shootings end with the shooter committing suicide. So how is the death penalty a deterrent?

CATS losing math: Buy a monthly pass, pay $88. Ride Lynx free for a month, pay $50 if caught.

What does the Charlotte City Manager have against red lights?

Those high school protesters ARE working -- to educate you!