The Buzz 05/13/18: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Getting straight answers from Trump's CIA nominee was torture!

Donnie, you need (ANOTHER) new attorney.

Will Giuliani last longer than Scaramucci?

Stormy Daniels took hush money, then blabbed. Who’s dishonest?

Will CNN ever say anything positive about a Republican? Yes, they are positive they don’t like Republicans!

News that supports Trump is fact! News that doesn't is fake!

My tax cut just covers higher gas prices.

To all those politicians who robo-called asking me to vote for Robert Pittenger, you now have my answer.

How many prisoners or slaves sign a $4 million deal after one semester of college, Ms. Carter?

Remember when the NASCAR stands were packed like those at the Kentucky Derby?

If solitary confinement is so awful, why do prisoners keep breaking the rules?

And the winner of the Hospitals vs. Doctors war is ... the Charlotte Observer Advertising Department.