The Buzz 05.21.15

Keep the Chief; get rid of the Leake.

Time voters stopped the Leake on county commission!

Now we need therapy dogs at county commission meetings.

Reduce airport stress? Call off the TSA dogs.

Don’t blame you, Chief. Being a cop ain’t what it used to be.

Calling Vacant Lot Dee Dee Harris a “prominent developer” is a bit of a stretch.

Is I-77 taking a “toll” on Gov. McCrory’s re-election probability?

CEO’s are not discarded – they’re recycled.

Those explanations from Cardinal are for the birds!

Fletcher Hartsell is such an expert double-dipper he ought to work in an ice cream shop.

Wish journalists were as interested in Obama’s background as they are in Petraeus’s sex life!

The GOP is going to need a single-elimination debate tournament.

If Hillary becomes president, will that be Bush’s fault too?