The Buzz 05.22.15

Good job FBI on the gangs. Now, how about them bankers?

I-77 toll lanes: The Tata-McCrory Memorial Highway.

Tollgate: 21st century highway robbery.

Only 2,664 days until I can get out of Taxolina and retire to Tenn.

As penance, Vilma should say 10 Hail Mary’s at the next board meeting.

Dear Pat, Three Hail Mary’s and a Glory Be may be just what the board needs.

How about a moment of silence? From Vilma, too.

So, a Luddite wants to control the N.C. House budget for only $25K?

Right, Keith, bailouts are only for banks and billionaires.

If you want to make more than minimum wage, develop more than minimum skills.

Observer faves “argue,” our guys “rail.”

Good for Bruton Smith. About time for Curtis Turner.

Judging by the way most people drive, the new self driving car should be a vast improvement.