The Buzz 05.24.15

Bob Luddy – N.C.’s Koch Lite.

Luddy just wants to be able to say “it’s the best House money can buy.”

Any chance we could get Gov. Hunt back?

One-stop top cop shopping?

I am so done with the Boy Scouts organization.

To the gang member on Thursday’s front page: Time to move your swag-o-meter needle to “E.”

Republicans don’t raise taxes, they just increase fees.

Someone please tweet the president and tell him ISIS will eliminate us if we don’t eliminate them first.

I’d prefer a root canal to re-electing Dr. Rucho.

Go Fund Yourself.

Looks like the JV Team just took over another major city in Iraq.

NCDOT: Not Changing Decision On Tolls

How dare the peasants question NCDOT and I-77 Nobility Partners?