The Buzz 05.23.15

So when did “Speed Street” turn into “Eat Street”?

Do we have to call it the Bruton Smith Hall of Fame, or just name a wing after him?

Third fastest in growth, but 176th in infrastructure.

Climate change: Obama’s WMD.

Et tu? BofA.

The Clintons are always easy to find. Just follow the money.

Still looking for decent explanation of how to use those multicolored N-S-E-W directional signs on I-77.

Tell me again what gas taxes are for?

Only ones cheering the toll decision are the Democrats.

DOT can take 27 years to complete I-485, but can’t delay the I-77 project 30 days?

Is Rea Road trying to break the N.C. DOT record of 27 years held by I-485?

Let’s increase the garbage rates for the Panthers’ stadium many-fold.

Pat Cotham for Commissioner of Grace and Tolerance.