The Buzz 05.27.15

Since DOT is giving I-77 to Spain for 50 years, maybe we can contact Putin and see if he wants Independence Blvd.

Republicans will pay their “toll” in the next election!

Pretty safe bet the governor and DOT chief won’t be at the toll road ribbon-cutting.

Can we turn the legislature over to a foreign corporation?

R.I.P, B.S.A.

Well Texas, it looks like the Gubmint is the least of your problems.

Of all the things to bark about, you choose dogs at CLT?

A chill pill and two loveable, slobbering Labs for those who dislike dogs at CLT.

Now that you’re created Rucholina, Bob, please stop.

Yes, Virginia, God was forced to create Democrats to save Republicans like Luis Lang from themselves.

It behooves all of us to remember – everyone no longer gets 40 acres and a mule.

Are the Clintons hiding from the truth, or are they just hiding from Fox News?

Grandma, what is rain?