The Buzz 05.28.15

N.C. DOT needs to make a U-turn on I-77.

I see U.S. 21 becoming a six-lane highway over the next 50 years.

Future route to Lake Norman: I-21.

City Council trifecta: raise fees, raise property taxes, and raise more Democrats!

N.C. tea party motto: Tax and don’t spend.

Shame that we honor our fallen soldiers with door-busters.

One can learn a lot about power plants just from what Duke dumps in our water.

Lots of rain + lots of concrete - trees = lots of flooding!

Let’s get Americans some skin in the game. Re-institute the draft.

Maybe Mr. Lang can get Philip Morris to “gofund” his smoking habit.

Has the person who decided to eliminate a lane on Selwyn Ave. driven it at 6 p.m. lately?

Wow, I saw a race last weekend where cars passed each other. Indy, of course.