The Buzz 05.29.15

Forget Fido. How about some unconditional love at the US Airways counter!

Will I have to wait 72 hours for my vasectomy?

Budget may keep the current tax rate, but I can’t wait to see the nickel and dime clause.

Probably best to get in on the ground floor of Crescent’s next project.

Liberal grading system + shorter school year = unprepared kids.

FIFA – Futbol’s International Fraud Association!

Good job on FIFA, DOJ. Pay to play is wrong. Now, how about the Clinton Foundation?

Massive budget surplus? No surprise, say those of us still awaiting state tax refund checks.

N.C. jobless rate up – after all the wonderful things Raleigh has done for us?

Governor, Ag-gag bill or First Amendment rights. Your choice.

Upgraded fence at the White House? How about just locking the doors?

Sure miss those pre-GPS days when only the locals knew the shortcuts.