The Buzz

No space on GOP debate stage? Stack ’em game-show style – “Conservative Squares.”

Next time Obama brags he saved the economy, add a plaque reading “Slowest recovery in modern history.”

Dennis Hastert should have put the money in a foundation. Then the media would ignore the story.

Criticizing Obama on Mideast is like blaming the fire department for W’s arson.

Top 10 cocktails with N.C. spirits? That’s just messing up good liquor!

Gov. McCrory got it right. Good for him.

Think wrong-doing in Raleigh started with this administration? Your ignorance is no disgrace, but you don’t have to wallow in it.

The new news on Hillary is just like the old news. Shaded!

Rea Road progress report: new traffic pattern, two new bumps, nine workers sighted.