The Buzz 06.03.15

If Carowinds got a $900K free ride on taxes, do we at least get a free ride on the Fury?

NSA gridlock, campaign funding... Soon to be an also Rand.

Rand Paul is a shortsighted ophthalmologist.

Only thing higher than Newton’s new salary are his passes.

If Cam could play as well as he thinks he can, then he’d be worth $20M a year.

So the state DSS says Union DSS is doing better? BSS.

So many Republicans. So little spine.

Our plan to defeat ISIS is top secret. Even the president doesn’t know what it is.

Lindsey Graham running for president! Who saw that coming?

Bernie Sanders will be the Pope Francis of presidents.

When marriages can be officiated by Elvis impersonators, “sacred” no longer applies.

Does Sepp Blatter also run N.C. DOT?

Once the I-485 loop is complete we have the NASCAR drivers take the first lap?