The Buzz 06.04.15

Awww come on, Big Cat. Give our tax money back.

Maybe the City can borrow some money from Cam?

Next time Jerry needs money he can borrow from Cam, not the taxpayers.

Drove the new speed limit on I-485. Got passed like I was tied to a tree.

Latta Arcade is 100? Time to replace it with ubiquitous high-rise apartments.

Can’t BofA find somebody who’ll follow the rules?

I was a Boy Scout, my sons were Boy Scouts, my grandsons – will not be Boy Scouts.

I’m guessing no Duke execs live near a coal ash pond.

Was that Michael Dukakis in that plane? Sure reminded me of him.

FIFA fi fo fum... Who cares?

Forget FIFA, Loretta. Go after ISIS.

School is almost out – must be time for the NBA Finals!

I’ll declare my candidacy for president shortly in the form of a Buzz.