The Buzz 06.05.15

Is Sen. Graham launching a 2016 run or a crusade?

Now let’s concentrate on ending state lawmaker tenure.

Keith’s grapes appear to be exceedingly sour.

Gov. McCrory – “You lie!” And we’ll remember.

At this point does it matter who’s governor?

If we could harness Democrat hot air we wouldn’t need solar!

Yep, a crowded GOP field is good for voters. Democratic voters.

Courage would’ve been actually being a 65-year-old woman, not a starlet.

No more Wheaties for me. Look what they did to Bruce Jenner.

BofA Stadium beer prices just went up.

Money doesn’t win NFL games, quarterbacks do.

LeBron vs. Steph: The Hulk vs. The Flash.

Snowden 1, NSA 0.

Smile, you’re on “FB-eye in the Sky” camera!