The Buzz 06.07.15

If Gov. McCrory is ever cast in “The Wizard of Oz,” he'd best play the Cowardly Lion.

Gov. Pat: You betrayed us. Shame on you.

Way to go, Pat! Suffer the little children at least three days!

If BofA keeps cutting jobs maybe they’ll get to the guy responsible for all these fines?

I’d prefer Lindsay Lohan to Lindsey Graham for president!

As usual the City is repairing the front porch while the Northlake Mall back porch is on fire.

At least now Cam can put escalators in his house.

Make drug dealers liable when their customers overdose? Sounds good to me. Let's start with Big Pharma.

Enough with Caitlyn Bruce Jenner already – no self-respecting "woman" would pose like she did for Vanity Fair.

GOP should try to pass a law that does not end in a taxpayer’s lawsuit.

Heard the Kochs bought the N.C. government at a yard sale.

Loretta Lynch, you got FIFA. How about the IOC next?