The Buzz 06.06.15

Transparency in government? Yeah, we can see right through you.

“Keep government out of health care!” Guess that doesn’t apply to women.

Liar, liar pants on fire, Gov.!

Appears like Gov. McCrory was taken out to the woodshed and schooled.

North Carolina: First in Flight – last in human rights.

Hillary’s new mantra: I speak, you listen, no questions!

I’ll vote for Graham if he can protect us from our biggest threat: the GOP.

In 1988 who’d have thought we’d have a $103M NFL quarterback before I-485 was finished?

Spy planes? Great news! Just wish we would quit telling bad guys what we’re doing.

Charlotte’s million-dollar man!

Cam Newton: That’s one expensive hot dog!

Second class quarterback, first class price.

Every day in every way – South Carolina looks better and better.