The Buzz 06.10.15

Dems may want to start thinking about a Plan B. Hillary’s baggage gets heavier everyday.

Ms. Schaffer is the new trophy lawmaker of the Koch brothers.

Can we boycott Franklin Graham?

Good for Graham!

Franklin Graham makes even God sigh.

WAWJC? What Accounts Would Jesus Close.

Franklin should spend more time reading his Bible, less time watching TV.

Apparently Petraeus was in bed with more than just Broadwell.

In 2009 America stood at the edge of an economic cliff and our president proudly shouted – “Forward!”

Hey Germany, if you like Obama you can keep Obama. Period.

The only thing missing on Tyvola Road is a checkered flag.

“Survivor” changed TV? Absolutely! It ushered in the worst television in the history of television.