The Buzz 06.12.15

He may have called it strategery but at least Bush had one.

Online DMV renewals a reality in my lifetime! McCrory just regained my vote.

Don’t bother boycotting Franklin Graham. Just ignore him.

Fear not Franklin, they crucified Jesus too!

Maybe Franklin should invest in a quarry. Then he could get the stones for free.

Some Christians give Christianity a bad name.

Franklin’s new bank BB&T: Better Believe Too.

A law about house color? We need to start drug testing in Raleigh.

Well done, Christian Brister.

That’s so cute, thinking Republicans will heed climate science.

Smaller carry-ons? Try 20 fewer passengers. Same result.

Those escaped cons will soon be in south Charlotte, complaining like the other New Yorkers.

Eagle Scouts. Front page. Above the fold. AWESOME.