The Buzz 06.14.15

That override was so fast that Gov. McCrory didn’t have time to bake cookies.

Wonder if those rural counties will get a trolley?

Will the new taxes on advertising include campaign ads?

Appears Roy Cooper is getting ready to “Nifong” the Ritz. Anything for a vote.

What the world needs now is a lot more Billy, a lot less Franklin!

Gay Christian is not an oxymoron; judgmental Christian is.

Pope Franklin?

Kind of doubt there will ever be a Franklin Graham Parkway.

If I wanted to watch uncontrolled dinosaurs for a couple hours, I’d go to a county commission meeting.

Supreme irony: Humongous billboard on I-77 chiding us not to defile the scenery with trash.

We don’t need no stinking academics, we’ve got Roy Williams.

Two articles on Tay-Tay, none on Barry Manilow? Fanilows, wave your glow sticks high in protest!