The Buzz 06.13.15

Apparently Patrick Cannon was running E-Z Money Parking.

Somebody from CRVA should be serving time with Mr. Cannon.

$138K to look after a parking lot. Good grief. Sounds like CRVA was the E-Z mark.

Hey Jerry, can you part with 22 big ones (our money) so we don’t have to “escalate” taxes?

If you’re old enough to remember Mr. Magoo, you shouldn’t be wearing his glasses.

I need a job where I can get paid for not doing my job. Any magistrate openings?

If I were a magistrate I’d refuse to marry N.C. Republicans.

Franklin, I know Jesus saves, but at which bank?

Hey hey, preachy liberals! Turnabout is fair play. Thanks, Franklin, for our turn.

The Observer and Franklin forget that 97 percent of us aren’t gay.

There are probably six teenagers in my neighborhood alone who could provide better cyberdefense.

Forget Cam. Can we pay Chief Monroe $103M to stay?