The Buzz 06.17.15

For pols who say there is no global warming, I say cut the AC at the state house.

Dems moving towards middle ground, but the Observer still in the left lane.

I-77 toll bailout $245M. Pocket change in 50 years for the fix.

I’ll trade you my streetcar for your toll road!

The road to un-electability is paved, but not usable until tolled.

Most everything in the ocean is food, why do we imagine we’re not?

The interview with the Oak Island fire chief was straight out of the “Jaws” script.

Bears in the mountains, sharks at the beach. Guess I’ll just stay home this summer.

“Jeb!”? Seriously? Like Cher?

Time for the Supreme Court to rule that churches are people too.

Rachel Dolezal’s response to questions about her race was positively Clintonian.

How can Steph Curry play basketball without a tattoo?