The Buzz 06.18.15

When the governor opens the I-77 toll lanes guess he’ll be driving a Lexus.

County commissioners, you asked for the job. Don’t like the pay? Resign.

I don’t know how old Keith Larson is, but he sure sounds a lot like my dear old Grandma.

Sorry Keith, Bo knows.

Apparently in Spokane, Wash., white is the new black?

Donald Trump is more qualified than any candidate – he’s got the most experience with bankruptcy.

The GOP clown car just tipped over.

Seems prejudice and discrimination are now recognized as valid religions in N.C.

If your job requires tasks that infringe on your beliefs, you’re in the wrong job!

Will Kerr Putney be a two star or four star chief?

Taliban to ISIS: “Can’t we all just get along?”

Guess I should’ve saved some of that rain in a rain barrel.

Steph Curry deserves a good ol’ hometown ticker-tape parade down Tryon Street!