The Buzz 06.19.15

Pray for Charleston.

Ready for a little gun control now? Anyone?

Is Rep. Schaffer in the NRA’s pocket or holster?

I’m for the separation of church and hate.

The GOP may have the clown car, but the Dems are stuck with a lemon.

Donald Trump has more dollars than sense.

Brian Williams, Rachel Dolezal and Hillary all missed the Truth Train.

I like the renderings of SouthPark. Where’s the throne room?

Cowfish: A refreshing change to the business-as-usual mentality.

Texas has the oil; D.C. has the dipsticks.

Amen, Commissioner Jim Puckett!

May be too late to cancel the toll road, but not Gov. McCrory’s political ambitions.

Don’t think theft was what Elton John had in mind when he said “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.”