The Buzz 06.20.15

And N.C. legislators are looking for ways to ease access to guns?

We post signs, pass laws to disarm lawful people, and are shocked when evil capitalizes on their helplessness.

Legislators, is NRA cash really worth the carnage?

Spiffing up SouthPark Mall? Please start with the covered parking.

GOP wants to tax health care. My despicable meter doesn’t go that low.

No hospital tax breaks = higher health care costs = personal tax increase

Immigrant family detention centers – Obama’s Abu Ghraib.

If Rove was W’s brain, who is Jeb’s?

Time to seriously vet great, dead American women.

By 2020 no one will be using $10 bills anyway.

If I were taking a face off paper money, I’d start with U.S. Grant.

Folks, there is no shame in using your turn signals.