The Buzz 06.21.15

We are all Mother Emanuel.

NRA and a complicit Congress – perpetuating horror one disingenuous shrug at a time.

Here comes the gun control misdirection again.

I suppose the NRA will now call for ministers to be armed.

Racism continues to wave proudly over the S.C. statehouse.

With Trump in, I can finally winnow the GOP field.

I’d vote for Donald Duck before I’d vote for Donald Trump.

It appears the “Greatest Generation” has spawned the “Clueless Generation.”

Does the law provide a litmus test for “sincerely held religious beliefs”?

The Pope should ride in a Prius if he’s so concerned with global warming.

Cyclists, either heed the same rules, let us pass, or get off the road!

Dangerous places: between a biker and a red light, and between George Dunlap and a pay raise.