The Buzz 06.25.15

How hot would it be if we had global warming?

$27.5M in Time Warner upgrades. That’s an expensive one-night stand.

$100M economic impact for one NBA game? Now that’s voodoo economics!

When did it become the norm in Charlotte for the last three cars to run a red light?

It’s not political courage that will bring down the flag. It’s the political winds.

What’s next? Strike the Civil War from history books?

Once the flag comes down, can we address racism? On all sides?

Roof didn’t have a Confederate flag. As I recall, it was a .45 caliber handgun!

I see the squeaky wheel is still running the show.

Class move, Jerry.

Instead of advertising what CEOs make, tell us what they contribute to charity.

The big lie: “Your call is important to us.”

If only I could get Taylor Swift to deal with my insurance company.