The Buzz 06.26.15

Good thing Cam will be leading the obesity fight and not drivers-ed.

What’s next? City leaders take a cruise to learn how to manage Sugar Creek?

Shocking! The NSA spies!

The Obama administration is indeed “transparent” – to Chinese hackers.

Instead of gun control we’ll have flag control.

The NRA is happy to keep the flag controversy alive.

Segregation happened under the Stars and Stripes. Take down the American flag too?

Still fighting the Civil War... Still losing.

The meaning of the flag is not one size fits all.

Stop trying to sanitize history.

I’d vote for a female president. Nikki, not Hillary.

No tolls, no woes.

On the outerbelt, neighborhood leaders were right; Tate was wrong. Sprawl City, USA.

Bet you 20 to 1 Pete Rose never makes the Hall of Fame!