The Buzz 07.04.15

$100 says the Nicaragua Canal gets built faster than I-485.

I-77 toll dilemma: Ahh, the sweetness of those decreased N.C. taxes.

In the N.C. General Assembly who represents the people?

Shut down Raleigh, eliminate the middle man. Let corporations run N.C. directly.

You’re fired, Donald!

First we desecrate memorials, then boast how tolerant and diverse we are.

Power to the people, Bree!

Beware of Greeks seeking gifts!

Greeks, beware of the E.U. bearing gifts!

Would someone please ship a portion of that recovery to our neighborhood?

Can Time Warner Cable be arrested for impersonating a cable company?

Only thing higher than the Panthers’ hopes are Cam’s passes.

Forget the twenty, put Betsy Ross on the $50 bill – as in states and stars.