The Buzz 07.10.15

It appears the solar lights are on in Raleigh, but no one is home.

We’re committing Civil War genocide.

Next we’ll take the Civil War out of textbooks. Oops! What textbooks?

Gee, another brewery, another real estate development. Just what we need for brand identity.

So commissioners want a raise and to hang around longer?

There should be 14 magistrate positions open in N.C.!

If Americans need to work longer hours, how about we start with Congress?

More military money won’t win the war, but it’ll get Republicans re-elected.

Walter Williams – speaking truth to power.

What if it had been two cars or three? Not impossible!

In Iraq, Obama is having a hard time finding an exit strategy from his exit strategy.

You can’t fix stupid with a new law.

Hairston gets three points. You mean on his license?