The Buzz 07.11.15

Egg production off by 10 percent, egg prices up by 70 percent. Capitalism at its best!

This Confederate flag is not about history – unless your history only goes back to 1961.

Good thing our founding fathers weren’t afraid to hurt King George’s feelings.

Bernie Sanders appeals to better angels of our nature. Trump, not so much.

Time to remove Bob Walton’s name from that county building.

Wonder how many Hispanic workers are on Trump’s golf courses today?

Donald Trump is looking better and better each day.

Mr. Trump sounds like he wants to be more of an emperor than a president.

I’d put Taylor Swift on the $20.

You’re a whiz on the smart phone, but too dim to use your headlights in the rain?

Hornets, it’s time to stop drinking the PJ!

“Charlotte’s got a lot” all right – a lot of traffic, construction, potholes, and over-development.