The Buzz 07.12.15

If Dena Diorio is “a bargain,” CMS teachers must be major steals!

Proud of my state for doing the right thing; embarrassed it took so long.

Rep. Jenny Horne for the $10 bill!

The flag is down, but the mess still needs to be cleaned up.

Time was, Mussolini was lauded for “getting things done.”


Quit whining. Fly whatever flag you like at your house.

RIP, Pervis Lee. A little song has gone out of Charlotte’s heart!

It all depends what “served” means, right Hillary?

The World Championship of Cornhole on ESPN? Be still my heart!

Obama’s no slouch. The way the labor force is shrinking, unemployment may hit zero.

Is it P.J. or P.U.?

I think I’ll take a trip to Florida to cool off.

So sorry people. My bad. I bought flood insurance.