The Buzz 07.15.15

It’s “too late” to save McCrory’s re-election chances, too.

Too late to stop the toll road, but not to kick the Raleigh crowd from office.

It may cost $100M to stop it, but it’ll cost even more to keep McCrory.

The Iran deal as Monopoly: We give up Boardwalk and Park Place for a Railroad.

Thanks President Obama, Secretary Kerry!

Iran treaty – brought to you by the same people who said you could keep your doctor.

Trump campaign – something to watch until football starts.

The Pope is beginning to sound like a candidate.

Cheers to the European Union, a round of Greek yogurt for all!

Novant lays off 400 to “keep patient costs low.” They’re kidding, right?

Last time I checked, the photo ID I use to buy liquor would work at the polls.

The flag is down, the General Lee is being painted. Can we keep the Daisy Dukes?

Figure my portion of the coliseum renovation tax money should be worth two free seats.