The Buzz 07.16.15

Every barrel I pass on I-485 shouts “Dump McCrory.”

Gov. McCrory, one and done – but with a 50-year legacy.

McCrory said “Well, whose fault is that?” Ours, for voting for him.

And tell me again, why is the streetcar free?

The Democratic Party has “moved way far to the left.” Amen, Jim Webb!

Peace in our (borrowed) time! – Neville Kerry.

New office pool: Pick the first date when Iran will violate the treaty.

Looks like the “lame duck” is getting a lot done lately.

“A historic and horrible mistake.” Was Netanyahu talking about the election?

Mr. President, Kathryn Steinle could have been my daughter.

How about a $2T bill featuring Bush and Cheney?

What on Earth does it take for CMS to actually terminate a principal?

New look is very tabloid. Perfect for the Observer.

At last the Observer's obsession with color takes a positive turn.

Love the little tooth-breakers, but I ain’t paying $4.39 for Grape-Nuts.

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