The Buzz 07.17.15

Iran nuke deal: Israel was not at the negotiating table, it was on the menu.

It’s easy to find fault. Peace, not so much.

Obama and Kerry really stepped on it this time.

If the Pope should “stick to religion,” shouldn’t politicians stick to politics?

Would there be tolls on the escalators at our new MLB stadium?

You don’t erase racism by scrawling “racism” on a memorial to courageous forebears.

Time to put the monument defacing cowards in the military.

New format: Lipstick on a liberal pig.

Charlotte may have a real newspaper again!

McCrory – for whom the road tolls.

Millions for 1.5 miles of streetcar? Charlotte has clearly been out Foxxed.

Trump will eventually sue his shadow for stalking.

Mr. Trump is not racist, he’s an American patriot.

OK Mr. Bush, I admit I’m lazy. Three part-time minimum wage jobs. I promise to look for another.

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