The Buzz 07.18.15

With no schedule, how will the six streetcar riders get to work on time?

Free rides, except for the taxpayers.

A Streetcar Named Insanity.

What’s the difference between streetcars and a fleet of trollies with tires? About $35M.

Guess “NASCAR Valley” can’t compare to “HOT Lane Hill” for Gov. McCrory.

The Chicken Coop is getting Pricier.

Isn’t it racist to write “racist” on a memorial?

Tillis getting advice from Cheney. What could go wrong?

GOP foreign policy: “Wars are Us.”

Only way Trump will get into the White House is with a visitor’s pass.

The Donald’s right in substance, but wrong in style.

President Obama doesn’t have a legacy to stand on!

DWC – Driving While Clueless.

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