The Buzz 07.22.15

Is Obama leaving a legacy or an aftermath?

Apparently nothing really will stand in the way of the streetcar?

Can Harris Teeter find another brand of bananas to sell?

Governor’s wish list: Fox-owned newspaper that will distort facts in his favor.

“Elitist bias” and “lack of journalistic standards.” Really, Pat?

Sock it to ’em, gov!

Raleigh – where truth and ethics go to die.

Now that we have resumed diplomatic ties with Cuba let’s give them Puerto Rico.

GOP and defense contractors – Love @ 1st Fight?

Trump’s done the one thing the GOP never wanted – exposed their base.

You can only fit so many feet in your mouth at a time. Have some water, Mr. Trump.

Any Confederate monument “preserving Anglo-Saxon civilization” deserves a cement burial.

No need to go to the Speedway to see racing. Just travel U.S. 521 in Indian Land.

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