The Buzz 07.23.15

If the trolley is going to be a thrill ride, we should ask Carowinds to operate it.

A Streetcar Named Devour.

That trolley was a train wreck from the get-go.

Who was driving that trolley, Kyle Busch?

Duke Power buying the Solar Project is like a cat buying a bird.

“The Donald” is making Ted Cruz look like an elder statesman.

If Trump doesn’t quit he’s going to get McCain elected.

Gift of unanswered prayers: No Trump Tower in Charlotte.

Governor’s hit on Observer editorials: Grand slam!

Chancellor Folt, support UNC. Fire Roy Williams.

The Pope’s getting to be a bit of a loose canon.

When you asked, I said I want more national and international news, not less.

Funny how the sticker machine at DMV has problems, but the payment machine works just fine.

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