The Buzz 07.24.15

Who knew 91 degrees could feel soooo cool?

GOP primary, a middle school food fight.

If Trump is elected, how many floors will the White House Tower have?

Trump’s background in jobs: creating them for bankruptcy lawyers.

Pat McCrory: North Carolina’s Richard Nixon.

Only thing gold about the Gold Line is what it’s costing taxpayers.

Nothin’ like getting thrown under the streetcar...

Don’t ask if GOP could get a better Iran deal, ask how Obama’s could possibly be worse.

Keep Dodd-Frank. Dump McHenry.

Hey Kenya, if you like your Barack, you can keep your Barack!

If CMPD arrested all who failed to signal a lane change, we’d have to jail them at BofA stadium.

We only need three things for preparing meals on vacation: Master Card, Visa, American Express.

OK, I get the ban on Nazi, SATN plates, but HATEDUKE is going to far.

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