The Buzz 07.25.15

Apparently Donald Trump is like crack for the media.

Sen. Graham was correct. Trump is a rump.

Duck the Donald!

Don’t like history? Censor it.

When all the Confederate symbols are gone, will slavery deniers appear?

The governor is right. Stop using dirty tricks like reporting facts!

I give Obama the same benefit of the doubt the Observer gives McCrory: I doubt anything he says.

Answer to all of N.C.’s problems seems to be jail time.

You’d think for $37M we’d have gotten a streetcar with a better brake system.

First it was run-away trolley costs, now it’s just the trolley.

Next week covered wagons...

The streetcar driver’s name is “Metro”? Really?

I became a None when religious leaders took a hard right.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy politicians.

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