The Buzz 07.26.15

Dodd-Frank or another 2008... You pick.

Iran treaty: Fooled me once war hawks, fool me again?

Since when has “attitude” been an arrestable offense?

The real UNC monument to racism isn’t Silent Sam, it’s the Dean Dome.

It’s not that the governor doesn’t have the authority to remove Confederate plates; he doesn’t have the guts.

Gov. McCrory – the incredible shrinking ethics man.

Before Trump I was never able to see Hillary as the lesser of two evils.

Total waste of money investigating Hillary. Every one knows the Clintons are above the law.

Bernie Sanders vs. Donald Trump in 2016. Who’d a thunk it?

There are getting to be far too many reasons to fly flags at half-staff.

Americans with guns are dangerous to our health.

If the streetcar ran north/south instead of east/west y’all would be all for it!

The Buzz is pith poor.