The Buzz 07.30.15

A preacher packing heat in the pulpit gives a whole new meaning to fire and brimstone.

My kind of support group: God, Pastor Stevenson, and Smith & Wesson.

If my pastor packs heat, I’m not going.

Gun control 0; NRA... I’ve lost count.

BofA getting new General Counsel. The last one is worn out.

What happens when the city runs out of land to sell to pay for temporary shiny new things?

Apparently CATS’ strategy to attract new riders to the trolley is to destroy their cars.

You think Donald just might be working for Hillary?

Style Trumps substance!

Trump’s ideal running mate: Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

I’ll take term limit suggestions from Sen. Cruz seriously when they include senators.

If the Observer leans left, the Buzz editor didn’t get the memo.

Tour de France : A totally incomprehensible sport played in the world’s most beautiful arena.