The Buzz 07.30.15

Outsource DOT jobs? I’d rather outsource N.C. senator jobs.

Hoo-Rea It’s almost done!

Trust in the Lord, but pack a pistol just in case.

If everyone in the theater had a gun we’d still be counting the casualties.

When dealing with a pit of GOP vipers, why concentrate on a single asp?

If the GOP rejects Trump, maybe he can run as a Whig?

Voluntary water conservation? Know any more good jokes?

Social contract with police: We respect your authority, you don’t abuse it.

Sandra Bland’s real crime was driving while black.

Here’s an idea... Cancel the August recess and work for the American people who elected you!

Barack Obama thinks the three branches of government are me, myself, and I.

A person has the right to be tried by a jury of his “peers,” not his race.

Next thing you know, Boy Scout latrines will be gender neutral.