The Buzz 07.31.15

A dentist just shot and killed his business.

Looks like FreeMoreWest needs a streetcar – fast!

LGBT-BSA just doesn’t sound right.

I have enough trouble getting this workforce to earn their regular pay!

Poor lesson for kids – making millions sitting atop Mel Watt’s Fannies.

Donald Trump is like a manure spreader in a windstorm.

Iran doing its own soil samples is like A-Rod doing his own drug testing!

Netanyahu wants a war, but he wants us to fight it!

The Iran deal did pass the smell test. It stinks.

Planned Parenthood is a “Little Shop of Horrors.”

Why is selling the parts worse than tossing them in the trash?

Shady Brady.

There should be no special license plates – except for those convicted of DUI.

At the GOP debate will all the candidates be arriving in the same clown car?

23 candidates for president so far. That’s a boat-load of money!