The Buzz 08.01.15

Dr. Palmer – How does it feel to be the hunted?

Even Andy Griffith knew that Barney could only handle one bullet at a time.

Obey police at traffic stops. Result: no tragedy for media to hype.

Rep. Meadows has committed the ultimate political Boehner.

Tom Brady – the Lance Armstrong of football.

When Lance cheated, he was banned for life – not four weeks.

Wonder if fracking is what caused Krypton to explode?

I’m non-profit. Where’s my $5 million?

I prefer free water. Wish it would rain.

Weatherman promises afternoon rain, but gives us a hot seat!

The GOP has created a monster they’re now trying to slay.

All candidates matter. Oh, wait, maybe not.

Hard to believe 57 percent say Hillary is untrustworthy, because 100 percent of the time she is.

My wife thinks I’m the only Republican who hasn’t declared his candidacy.