Misplaced hysteria

From Dr. Ann Newman of Charlotte:

In contrast to the protracted debate over research on fetuses and embryos, research involving fetal tissue has been a mainstay of modern medicine, funded in large part with federal dollars without controversy.

Dating back to the 1930s, scientists have used tissue from aborted fetuses as a means of understanding cell biology and as an important tool in the development of vaccines. The 1954 Nobel Prize for Medicine, for example, was awarded to American immunologists who developed the polio vaccine based on cultures of human fetal kidney cells.

Then came the internet and access to more information regarding the procedure than lay people could handle. Combine that with the self- aggrandizing politicians of today, and it has become yet another hysterical crisis of the GOP.

What did they think happened to aborted fetuses? If the parents don’t give permission for the fetal tissue to be used in research, the fetus is incinerated.

Just as when a person donates their body to science or becomes as organ donor, arms, legs, skin, heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes are detached and used to bring life to a person who would otherwise have died.

I believe God expects us to act in rational ways instead of responding to media-hype and mass hysteria!