The Buzz 08.02.15

NRA solution: Arm the lion.

Time to declare a severe morality drought.

Mission Impossible 50: I-77 widening.

If only Time Warner Cable’s installs and repairs were six times faster...

23 candidates for president. That’s a boatload of something alright.

Trump may be spreading the manure, but Washington created it.

Too many Americans worry more about their guns than their vote!

Hillary – the Marie Antoinette of the American ruling class.

OK for Hillary to delete, but not OK for Tom Brady?

I can be very Inspirational for a few million, too.

Who wouldn’t work 60-80 hours per week for $5.7M?

Term limits ain’t the problem; it’s getting them to show up more than one day a week.

We strive to sell democracy to the world, but refuse to buy it ourselves.

Stephen Hill got a citation; the Observer got “Reefer Madness.”