The Buzz 08.05.15

Letting Iran take its own soil samples is like putting the Patriots in charge of the footballs.

Have I got this right? I sow, David Cerullo reaps.

There is way too much money in religion and dentistry.

Wildlife invading urban areas? You’ve got that backwards.

Conservatives are more concerned with where the “hitching post” should be than about mass transit.

Stoplight cams? We need litter bug cams!

One six-year term for president. Period.

So many candidates, so few actual choices.

Republican debate: The GOP Comedy Hour.

Trump’s followers are just tea party members putting their cups in a new saucer.

Trump speaks his mind and doesn’t beat around the Bush.

Project Runway new season debut or Republican debate – gowns or clowns?

Dems, hold on for Joe! Your clown car driver is declaring.