The Buzz 08.06.15

If Donald Trump wins, Canada will have to build a wall.

Trump is proof there is a God – and he’s not a Republican.

Bill said he didn’t, but did. Hillary said she did, but didn’t.

Hillary’s favorability rating at 40 percent. How’d it get that high?

Biden might run, cue the GOP attack machine.

Republican candidates mad at Fox News: priceless.

The Kerrick trial is about justice only. Let the system work without all the noise.

How about using that N.C. surplus to pay some tolls?

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Ayatollah. Ayatollah who? Ayatollah you I’m not going to abide by any nuclear agreement.

Going “None” based on gay marriage = going vegan because of liver.

“Grandpa, were there really trees and green grass in the Great Carolina desert when you were little?”

Maybe we could persuade that dentist to take out the Food Lion lion. That’s just my 2 cents.