The Buzz 08.07.15

Transgender bathrooms at the Speedway? We already have them – they’re called Port-a-Johns.

Presidential brackets unfair; 16 big-timers in one, weak sister and no-names in the other!

Commissioner Carrol Mitchem: a poster child for ignorance.

Defacing monuments only deepens the hatred.

Too many hands in the cookie jar to put another $2.8B into it.

I’ll play at the pump if the money goes to teacher raises.

As often as gas prices change the pump is already a slot machine.

Trying to decide whether the debate will be like “The Apprentice, “Survivor” or “Real Housewives of D.C.”

Is there a sinking ship in Raleigh?

What is it the General Assembly hates about N.C.?

You want juicy pay, you pick the right peers. Witness Cerullo and CHS.

We’d all pay our taxes without complaint if promised a “breakthrough harvest.”